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Remembering Dr. King
I trust that you are off to a great New Year. Last year certainly had its highs and lows. From the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality to the senseless slaughter of innocent church goers in South Carolina, 2015 pushed and pulled us in different directions.

As we get ready to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King this Monday, I hope that you will join me in reflecting on his contributions to our world.

How do you plan to spend the day?


Expert Headhunter Reveals the Secret to Being Found in a Crowded Job Market (and for Losing the Excuse for not Diversifying Your Talent Pool)
Want to know how to have your credentials scream that you are winning on a team–rather than just participating in a sport? Are your hiring managers still saying that their teams are not diverse because they can not find “qualified candidates” from historically underrepresented groups?

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Do you know someone who is struggling to fit into an organizational culture as the only one? Exclusion compiled great strategies from media personalities, White House insiders, Ivy League professors and others who show how to:

•Attract mentors and avoid mentoring turn offs

• Recover from mistakes

• Finesse an insensitive joke or comment, and much more!

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